Local Programs

The Entrepreneur - Business Enhancement Fund (EBEF)

The purpose of this grant is to encourage growth and expansion for businesses in Trego County. Businesses should be currently in operation or in the process of being created in the county. By assisting businesses through this cost-share program, businesses could reduce their initial start-up of fixed costs that are incurred in the creation, enhancement or expansion of a business. This program is only available for For-profit businesses.

Wampum Program

This program is designed to encourage support of local businesses. The Wampum can be purchased through the Trego County Treasurer's office. They can be used as employee benefits, gifts for friends, and holiday bonuses. Wampum is to be used in Trego County to purchase goods and/or services; such as, groceries, prescriptions, water bill, electric bill, products from the lumber yard, etc. They cannot be exchanged for cash or used outside Trego County.

Industrial Revenue Bonds

The City of WaKeeney and Trego County will consider Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRB's) on a case-by-case basis.

Water & Sewer Infrastructure

The City of WaKeeney's investment on qualified projects will be to provide water and sewer infrastructure to the property line for new development within the city limits.

Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ)

Trego County Commissioners opted into the program on June 20, 2011. The program took effect July 1, 2011. The program has two main incentives:
  • State income tax credit for up to five years to individuals who move to a ROZ county from outside the state of Kansas. Individuals must not have lived in Kansas for the past 5 years, nor have a Kansas source of income of more than $10,000 a year for the past 5 years.
  • Student loan forgiveness of up to $3,000 per year (up to $15,000 maximum benefit) for individuals who graduate from an accredited post-secondary institution and move to a ROZ county.
Employers are allowed to sponsor their employees and/or hiring candidates for the ROZ.

For more information on any of the above programs/incentives, please contact the Trego County Economic Development office (currently vacant) at 785-743-5785, or The Trego County Clerk's Office at 785-743-5773