Work Force Training

The KIT and KIR programs can pay for the costs of training new employees or retraining existing workers. Instructors may come from your supervisory staff, community colleges, area technical schools, consultants, vendors, or other sources.

Training may take place at your business, a local school or temporary rental facility. Eligible costs include: instructors salaries, curriculum planning and development, travel expenses, materials and supplies, training aids, minor equipment, and certain training facilities.

Programs focus on firms involved in manufacturing, distribution, regional or national service, agriculture, mining, research and development, interstate transportation, and tourism activities primarily aimed at attracting out-of-state tourists.

Kansas Industrial Retraining (KIR)

For restructuring companies whose employees are likely to be displaced to obsolete or inadequate job skills or knowledge. The program will provide assistance for retraining existing employees.


Companies restructuring their operations through incorporation of existing technology, development and incorporation of new technology, diversification of production or the development and implementation of new production activities. Positions being retrained must be paid a minimum average wage of at least the Counties Median Wage, in which the business resides.


Company must provide dollar-for-dollar match. Typical award is $300 to $500 per trainee.

Kansas Industrial Training (KIT)

The KIT program is designed to help new and expanding companies offset the costs of training workers for new jobs. Training funds can be used to reimburse negotiated costs for pre-employment, on-the-job and classroom training.


Creation of one new job that pays an average wage of at least the Counties Median Wage, in which the business resides.


Up to 100% training costs. Typical award is $300 to $500 per trainee.