Health Department

Primary Goal

To promote health and prevent disease and prevent disease and injury by providing health services, environmental services, and educational services to maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle for every individual in our community.


  • Define community health problems and propose appropriate solutions to the community and health care providers.
  • Promote preventive health care choices and support health maintenance choices.
  • Offer accessible facility with flexible hours for all health services.
  • Provide adequate health care in our community by collaborating with other health care providers to find effective solutions to those obstacles we face.
  • Promote adequate funding for services through local county sources and through state and federal sources.


  • The administration will provide adequate staff to deliver specified health services to the community.
  • The staff will encourage preventative health choices and encourage responsibility on the part on the individual.
  • The nursing staff will maintain adequate working relationship with other health care providers.


It is the philosophy of the agency that every human being should be entitled to basic health services. An individual should not be denied any of these services because of the inability to pay for these services. This agency believes that these services should be provided, but the individual will be encouraged to show responsibility in his/her own health.